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How The SIKH Is Making This World A Better Place

Sunday, June 2, 2019: While Rich Business communities fight for reservations and money, the religious fanatic fight to ban women from entering the temples. Sikhs are restoring our faith in humanity making us believe there is still hope for this world.

In the ‘City of Brotherhood’ (Asansol) on a beautiful Sunday morning where the civilians of Asansol were busy enjoying the day, a rare sight was seen in Chelidanga More where the Sikhs were seen distributing Sharbat ;Chana and Halva to passers-by on the roads on scorching summer morning. At a time when drinking water seems expensive, they are distributing Sarwats for free. Setting up temporary camps organised by ‘Chelidanga Punjabi Sabha’ on the occasion of SHAHEEDI DIWAS SHRI GURU ARJAN DEV JI MAHARAJ, some of the people who have taken the initiative to organize the camp are Lakha Singh ; Pammi Singh ; Baldev Singh; Dipak Singh Bedi; Jaspal Singh and more, they work tirelessly to ensure they can reach out to as many people as they can. With a smile on their faces, they hand over glasses after glasses to pedestrians, rikshaw-pullers, two-wheeler riders and anyone with a parched throat. And they do it without obligation. Without discrimination. Without moral arrogance. Not only elderly people were taking part but also kids were seen distributing that too with a happy face.

The concept is pure and selfless. It can be done anywhere and the only intention is to help others. There have been Sikhs who have removed their turbans to save drowning people as the rest of the world looked on.

One of the most endearing things about the faith is its egalitarian nature. There are no caste distinctions in Sikhism. It must have been a revolutionary concept in the old days when caste was of utmost importance. The caste system exists in the country even today. 

Hunger or Thirst is an act of Justice. The Sikh community always come forward to help others but often go unnoticed but they do not crib about it. The world has a lot to learn from this community where helping is not an issue of Charity but an act of Justice.


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